First Baptist Church, Wycombe, PA

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    Evil and the Sanctuary

    03.21.20 | Daily Living | by Joshua Brownfield

    FBCW Family,   Good afternoon to all of you. It is our earnest prayer that all of you are well and safe. Our meditation is below, and please remember to pray for the names at the bottom of this email.   Evil and the Sanctuary I...

      God Governs All

      03.17.20 | Daily Living | by Joshua Brownfield

      Good Morning FBCW Family,   Because we're all at a distance from one another, I'd like to send you something every few days or so on which to meditate. This first installment comes from the history of the church right after the Protestant...

      The Dis-ease of the Presidential Race

      07.04.16 | Daily Living | by Janel Barr

      As the Presidential election draws closer, many believers are uncomfortable with the choice of candidates. Janelle Barr suggests that this may be exactly what God wants for His own because it makes us focus on the Person of our faith, our true...