KIDServe is a children's ministry that meets for two, six week sessions during the school year.  During KIDServe weeks, our church has a family night where adults through the youngest children share in a time of refreshment and then go to their age appropriate meetings. Family nights have successfully provided an opportunity for families to worship, learn, and fellowship together.

KIDServe uses a variety of ways to teach the children that God uses even the youngest of followers. We use games, video, skits, crafts and creative experiences to help the children get a sense of all that was involved in being a believer in Jesus Christ and being part of the body of Christ, the church.

We work on many service projects together. Some of our activities have included: talking about the church worldwide and writing to all of our missionaries, receiving letters and mapping their locations, collecting for missions,creating homes from around the world we they listened to music from other countries, we created a "Mission Snack Shack" to sample foods from around the world, hands on experiences like meeting in secret in fear of being caught reading God's Word, learned how to pray for missionaries and those we love and those we struggle to love. We have made cards, made banners, wall hangings, favors for the Senior's dinners, centerpieces for the mission dinner, hosted all church caroling.

If you would like more information about KIDServe, please call the church 215-598-7797